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The Florida Department of Law Enforcement: Florida Sexual Offenders and Predators, Charting a Course for Public Safety
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General Information

Please Note: Unless otherwise specified, the term Sexual Offender as used in this section refers to sexual offenders subject to registration per Florida Statute. This includes juvenile sexual offenders adjudicated delinquent who are required to register due to provisions of the federal Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006.

All qualifying sexual predators and offenders must register in Florida. Failure of a sexual predator or offender to register as required by law is a second or third degree felony.

The designation of a person as a sexual predator or sexual offender is neither a sentence nor a punishment but simply a status resulting from the conviction of certain crimes. {Sections 775.21(3)(d), 943.0435(12), 944.607 Florida Statutes}

Florida law, effective July 1, 1996, requires the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to maintain an updated list of Sexual Predators in this state after a court has made a written finding designating them as a Sexual Predator, as the term is defined by Florida statute.

Chapter 97-299, Laws of Florida, requires certain sexual offenders to directly register with or to have information compiled by the Department of Corrections or the Department of Juvenile Justice, with the information to be provided to FDLE. Florida law makes this information available to the public. This site provides you with public information regarding both Sexual Predators and Sexual Offenders.

Please see F.S. 775.21 for additional information on Sexual Predators and F.S. 943.0435 for additional information regarding Sexual Offenders.

Community Notification


Community notification of registered Sexual Predators is MANDATORY by the sheriff or chief of police of the jurisdiction where the sexual predator establishes or maintains a permanent or temporary residence, in a manner deemed appropriate by the sheriff or chief. The sheriff of the county or the chief of police of the municipality where the sexual predator temporarily or permanently resides shall notify each licensed child care facility, elementary school, middle school, and high school within a 1-mile radius of the temporary or permanent residence of the sexual predator of the presence of the sexual predator. {Section 775.21(7)(a)}


Community notification of registered Sexual Offenders is AUTHORIZED but NOT MANDATORY. {Sections 943.043(1)-(3); 943.0435(12); 944.606(4); 985.481(4)}

Notice of Criminal Violation


Any person who:

  • misuses public records information relating to a sexual predator, as defined in s. 775.21, or a sexual offender, as defined in s. 943.0435 or s. 944.607, to secure a payment from such a predator or offender;
  • knowingly distributes or publishes false information relating to such a predator or offender which the person misrepresents as being public records information;
  • materially alters public records information with the intent to misrepresent the information, including documents, summaries of public records information provided by law enforcement agencies, or public records information displayed by law enforcement agencies on websites or provided through other means of communication, commits a misdemeanor of the first degree. {Section 775.21(10)(c), Florida Statutes}

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